24 Mar 2024

2 x Remixes

Two new fanremixes released today, remixed and produced by Moist (David Elfström Lilja).

24 Dec 2023

Merry Christmas

18 Oct 2023

Record Mirror 18 December 1982

Added this amazing photo from December 1982 in Record Mirror!

16 Sep 2023

And On (Moist Remix)

The fanremix of And On by Moist made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of You and Me Both is out on youtube. Not an official remix. Just made for fun!

5 Jul 2023

Japanese giveway ended!

The giveaway, featuring a Japanese vinyl edition of You And Me Both, to celebrate the it’s 40th anniversary has ended. The winner will be drawn soon.

4 Jul 2023

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of You And Me Both!

Today is a momentous occasion as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of “You and Me Both.” This remarkable album continues to captivate and inspire, leaving an enduring imprint on the annals of music history. Congratulations!

27 Jun 2023

You And Me Both Giveway

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of You And Me Both on July 4th, we’re hosting another giveaway. This time, it’s the Japanese release of You And Me Both. No obligations whatsoever! Check out the giveaway here!

8 May 2023

Cassette single

Added some scans of one of the rare two cassette singles that were released during the 1980s! Released in Germany in 1983.

8 May 2023

Winner of giveaway!

The giveaway winner for the 7″ Japanese promo vinyl of Situation has been revealed! Could it be you? Head over to our Instagram to find out! And for those who didn’t win, don’t worry – more exciting giveaways are coming soon! Stay tuned!

2 Apr 2023

Japanese releases

More scans of japanese releases added. Promo of Situation 7″ and regular and promo of Don’t Go 7″

12 Mar 2023

Excerpts from Classic Pop Magazine

Excerpts from Classic Pop Magazine added in the gallery! Don’t forget to support and Buy the magazine! It’s a very very music good magazine!

28 Feb 2023

Some spanish covers

Added some spanish covers. Love that they added spanish translations on the covers.

13 Feb 2023

Sweet Thing 7″

Finally added the strange releases of the 7″ of Sweet Thing in the discography!

6 Feb 2023

Situation digital 2022 release

As an extra treat for Yazoo’s 40th anniversary of Upstairs At Erc’s, Mute/BMG released a digital single including the Situation Kevorkian 7” Mix which was not previously available in the UK. You’ll find the info in the discography.

13 Jan 2023

Smash Hits articles

Added some scans of a couple of Smash Hits articles from 1982 and a post-yazoo interview with Alison from 1984!

12 Jan 2023

Past live dates

Added a list of live dates. Let me know of the errors you find or what I’ve missed.

11 Jan 2023


Added an instagram account for the site so please check it out and follow!

10 Jan 2023


Added a gallery. Just contains some of the records covers now but more stuff comin so don’t forget to check back!

9 Jan 2023


Sat and thought about what remixes I hadn’t heard so tried to compile a list of all the official remixes. Will check out all the bootleg/fan remixes out there and maybe post my favorites and I will definitely do a remix of my own.

8 Jan 2023

We go live…

We go live with the site but it’s a work in progress. More stuff is coming within time. Hope you enjoy it and contact me for any questions, corrections, suggestions or just to say ‘ello! A lot more stuff will be added so do check back!

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